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Erik Withak
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Work History

My experiences developing

Using React, React Native, Jest, Cypress, Appium, GitHub Actions, DataDog, and many other technologies I helped migrate over an Android app to React Native and continue to add new features and run tests/experiments

Using React, React Native, Reactstrap, HTML, and CSS I helped build: an updated version of an existing service

Using Linode, Express, MySQL, React, Typescript, Team City, Kanboard, Git, GitHub, JS, HTML, and CSS I built: Swarm Report -- A service for apiaries and bee associations to connect their members to a system where people can report swarms that will then notifiy members based on a queue system

Using Express, Microsoft SQL, React, Typescript, Azure, Bamboo, Git, GitHub, JS, HTML, and CSS I built: interface for applications platform, application template, photo management, and various fixres and updates to legacy code

Using PHP, MySQL, Vue, D3, JQuery, Node, Git, BitBucket, Kanboard, JS, HTML, and CSS I built: timecard system, scheduling system, graphical interface for updating equipment status, and visualizing analytics, and various fixes and updates to legacy code


Fargo, ND -> Minneapolis, MN -> Portland, OR -> Your Team?


Brian Krohn PhD

Managing Director at Radian Institute

"I’ve known Erik for about 15 years and we’ve worked together on multiple projects. He's self motivated and a great independent worker but also works well with groups and doesn't hesitate to ask for help when he needs it. He's great at designing and building applications from the ground up but has no problem navigating preexisting code bases."

Chris Golden

Full Stack Software Develoh5er

"Erik’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for modern coding practices results in quality software applications. He’s great at collaborating, listens well to criticism, gives great advice, and overall a great team player. With Erik on the team you can be sure that, not only will the work get done, the team will have fun doing it."

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I'm available for full-time, part-time, and freelance work.